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Tree Services

Tree Services

Our arborists understand the important role trees play in the value and cosmetic appeal of your property. We offer comprehensive tree services, including, removals, pruning, cabling and bracing, stump grinding, hazard analysis and more.

Proper tree pruning is important to the health, structure, aesthetics, and safety of trees.

Tree removal requires trained and qualified professionals, schooled in the proper techniques of climbing, roping, and equipment use, especially when trees are located near houses.

Cabling is an important precautionary measure to preserve the overall structural integrity of a tree. The proper use of cables and braces can help support a tree during severe weather conditions.

We offer several choices when it comes to tree stumps. While stumps can be an eyesore as well as a mowing hazard, the location will determine the type of service from simple flush cutting to straight grinding to grinding with shavings removed.

For your protection and safety, T&T participates with PA One Call and NJ Dig, to have utilities marked in any questionable circumstances.

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